Sunday, June 28, 2009

Roll up for the pikeys' picnic

POLICE in Warwickshire, where an illegal gypsy camp sprang up on a Bank Holiday weekend a year ago, decided that they needed to improve relations with 'the travelling community', so they hosted a bash for 400 them at the force headquarters yesterday.

There were traditional Roma bands, dancing, bouncy castles, story-telling and food and drink provided for free. A PC PC said: "The party is new and engaging". Yes, I bet the tax-paying, crime-plagued families living next door to the illegal site are delighted about this pikeys' picnic.

But it's not just Warwickshire where cops would rather wine and dine disruptive elements than police them. The nutter in charge of North Wales police decided that he needed to 'engage' the area's Polish community and hear from them first hand about how they were 'victims of anti-social behaviour', so set up a £1,000 bash, refreshments laid on, for around 100 people.

One small problem - no-one turned up. Amazingly, this was seen as a positive, with Community Officer PC Keith Sinclair claiming: "It's reassuring to know that they have no real concerns."

It would be more reassuring if our police had the faintest idea about what concerns the poor bloody taxpayer.


Blogger Jack said...

Maybe the Poles are wary of turning up to the police station, given their experience over the past hundred years or so. Or maybe the North Wales cops forgot to invite them?

3:12 PM  
Blogger Snappy said...

Perhaps the invitations were sent out in English and Welsh, but not Polish.
Either that or the Poles were so busy working - probably in the kitchens making the party food - that they didn't have time to attend.

5:38 AM  
Anonymous a taxi driver said...

I had that Michael Jackson in the back of my cab once.

What a bastard, eh guv?

12:15 AM  
Anonymous skydog said...

Define ... 'had'

4:50 AM  
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