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Hands off the Sugar Plum Nazi

I’M GOING to hate this, but it has to be done. Today we are going to defend a paid-up member of the British National Party.

Now it might not always seem obvious, but I have previous for anti-racism. I demonstrated against the South African rugby tour, I’ve been on Anti-Nazi League marches, and I’ve heard Billy bloody Bragg whine on at more Rock Against Racism concerts than I care to remember.

I detest the BNP with a vengeance. I detest NuLabour almost more for driving ordinary, decent working class people into their arms, but that’s another argument.But I also detest the kind of illiberal Liberalism that demands that their members aren’t allowed to think the black thoughts that they do.

Which brings us, quite unexpectedly, to leading ballerina Simone Clarke, star of the English National Ballet and the aforementioned card-carrying BNP member.

Now I don’t know why she chose to join such an organisation – the BNP, that is; not the ballet company. She claims, somewhat disingenuously, that her Chinese-Cuban boyfriend encouraged her to do so. I suspect that she isn’t the sharpest knife in the box. But the last time I looked, it wasn’t illegal to be a member of the BNP. Distasteful, perhaps, but not illegal.

Which makes a nonsense of the predictable clamour from Labour MP Jon Cruddas demanding that she should be sacked. Even dafter is the call from some quarters for the English National Ballet’s annual £6million Arts Council funding to be withdrawn.

This is a dance troupe, not a top secret branch of the Hitler Youth. Until they start prancing about on stage in swastikas and coal-scuttle helmets, I think we can safely say that their interpretation of Swan Lake won’t contain subliminal messages encouraging the audience to invade Poland. And anyway, Mel Brooks has already beaten them to it. Springtime for Hitler, anyone?

BACK BY public demand, it’s Compo Corner. Step forward Mr Colin Stagg, lined up to receive at least £250,000 and probably a lot more under the Home Office’s discretionary compensation scheme.

Why? The idiot was stupid enough to make a false confession. He should just be grateful that he wasn’t convicted and banged up for 20 years instead of being cleared when the case was thrown out. Anyway, he looked like he might have done it, and that’s good enough for Her Majesty’s Press.

Enter stage left, an anonymous heavy smoker who has just pocketed £44,000 for “hurt feelings” after being criticised over her unhealthy habit by a doctor. If I tell you that the doctor was an anaesthetist and the heavy smoker was a pregnant woman who was just about to be put under for a caesarian operation when she nipped out for a fag, you’ll probably start banging your head against the wall.

And for our finale this week, let’s have a big hand for postman David Portman, who’s trousered ten grand for unfair dismissal for taking 137 days off sick over a five-year period, the most recent being a week away from work to recover from the death of his dog. And you wonder why your birthday cards (with postal orders mysteriously missing) don’t turn up until teatime?

LET’S IMAGINE for a minute that BNP ballerina Simone Clarke decides to stand for election to Covent Garden parish council in those idle moments when she’s not performing a pas de deux. Let’s also imagine that she gets enough votes to be elected and, on her first day in the council chamber, she proposes that the local swimming baths should hold a regular “whites only” evening.

There’d be Guardian readers choking on their lentils, race police kicking the stage door down and suicide bombers smuggling themselves into the Sugar Plum Fairy chorus line with ten pounds of Semtex stuffed up their tutus.

Yet the Wolverhampton City Council has just introduced special Thursday evening sessions for black and Asian people only, and for the life of me I can’t see the difference. Special lifeguards and instructors man the pool for the hour-long sessions and special blinds have been put up to shield swimmers’ modesty.

Now I accept that some Asian people might not like being looked at while wearing their swimming cossie, but frankly that’s just tough. Perhaps Mrs Average of Sensible Street is a bit shy of leering men as well, but she just has to get on with it.

This kind of officially sanctioned segregation does nothing but create more divides - another ghetto, albeit an aquatic one. What next? Asian-only buses? Black-only restaurants? I think you can see where I’m going with this one.

SIGNS OF the times, all taken from one issue of our biggest-selling daily newspaper:

Debt-ridden Brits are selling their kidneys on the internet, North Wales police are abandoning their traditional helmets in favour of baseball caps, troops in Iraq are so stretched that they’re using dummies to “man” watchtowers on their bases, the cost of a loaf of bread is about to break the £1 barrier, and Tigger has been accused of punching a teenager at Walt Disney World in Florida.

And meanwhile decaffeinated Yorkshire Tea is being advertised on the telly. I don’t know which of the above I find more shocking.

I BRING you glad tidings. Bryan Crook and Janice Giles, from Stroud, have won a life-changing £2.5million on the Lottery. And how are they going to celebrate this good fortune? By buying a caravan in Burnham-on-Sea.

Now I’m sorry, but there should be a law against this sort of thing. If, when the man from Camelot knocks on your front door, you don’t have to hand a wish-list of planned hedonistic extravagance – women, drink, Bentleys, drink, holidays, drink, mansions, drink, a quickie with Heather Mills McCartney, drink – then they should disbar you from winning the first prize, chuck you a cheque for £100,000 to soften the blow, leave you to continue with your part-time cleaning job, and then put the rest of the money back into the pot so it can be won by someone who’ll squander it properly.

It might seem harsh, but it's for the greater good.

O The views of Mr Beelzebub are purely personal and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Editor or staff of this website, of anyone not reduced to despair by the potty-mouthed, casually racist, shallow and stupid flower of English womanhood as shown on Celebrity Big Brother, of anyone not sinking into January depression as poor Jack Wooley's Old-Timer's Disease gets worse and worse, or of anyone who won't be glad to see the back of that slack-jawed, chisel-faced, Estuary-bred, talent-free, fake-brown, breakfast-puking, false-titted, skeletal egomaniacal clothes-horse-who-got-lucky known as Poash Spice.


Anonymous Tony Parkes said...

How exactly do you think 'nu-labour' have driven ordinary working class workers into the arms of the BNP?

7:59 AM  
Blogger sky_dog said...

Baz:'Now it might not always seem obvious, but I have previous for anti-racism. I demonstrated against the South African rugby tour, I’ve been on Anti-Nazi League marches, and I’ve heard Billy bloody Bragg whine on at more Rock Against Racism concerts than I care to remember.

I detest the BNP with a vengeance.'

Fair comment Baz as you've now declared your natural tendencies, but...
Why would you think that anyone who is a 'card-carrying-member' of the BNP to have a smaller brain than those who habitually vote 'NuLab?'

I cannot carry a card for my political party of choice as the NuLab Nazis say I cannot stay within my present job were I to do so. Is this not Naziism by any other name?

BTW. If you think that I 'hate' other races, nothing could be further from the twisted truth. Not that I give a flying F**k what anyone believes of course.

8:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I detest the BNP but I got to admit I dont see a choice with who to vote for. The Liberals are a pile of nonesense whos view matches no one but the vegetarian, and the New Conservatives and New Labour are exactly the same. UKIP are too weak and divided amongst themselves, then when they get a far right party in the EU they threaten to fire a MP who choses to follow that.

So that leaves who. We are a small nation and we have no room for more people. We are a rich nation being dragged into poverty by immigrants who flood in here to work (steal our jobs), to live on benefits (we cant afford to keep this up) and then refuse to accept our ways of life.

Equality I am learning to be more equal for some than others.

So whos left to cover my needs. The BNP unless the Tories start to swing that further right than where they are now. You see I`m a right winger, very right winger. I have lots of black friends, some asian friends and not a bloody chinky amongst them, but I`m not far enough right to burn, shoot, send them home. I just want to leaking immigration floodgates shut!

So who do i turn to? Any ideas?

Mr Parkes, thats why Nu Labour now, and the Tories previously and in a way still do now, make me want to vote BNP even though I fear the effects of such an action.

9:16 AM  
Anonymous joe said...

How exactly do you think 'nu-labour' have driven ordinary working class workers into the arms of the BNP?

Because they have the same concerns that Simone Clarke has, mass immigration, crime and taxes."nu-labour" wont discuss immigration, are seen to be on the side of the criminal and taxes are ridiculously high.

The people who are turning to the BNP are the same working class people who kept the tories in and who switched to labour in 97.

At the pub last night, after a discussion about Simone and the uaf seven out of the eight of us are ready to vote BNP.

Interesting times are ahead. If you want an un-biased view of how well the BNP are doing try this.

9:25 AM  
Blogger sky_dog said...

Baz:'And you wonder why your birthday cards (with postal orders mysteriously missing) don’t turn up until teatime?'

Teatime? My birthday card never turns up at all never mind the bloody non-existent postal order! Perhaps my mum has removed me off her card-list for being a BNP voter? ;o)

1:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I cannot carry a card for my political party of choice as the NuLab Nazis say I cannot stay within my present job were I to do so. Is this not Naziism by any other name?"

Nice point Skypup.

Do employers need to be informed that you could be a card carry member, or do they have ways of finding out?


1:14 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

I go swimming in my local pool, and despite women-only sessions or aqua-aerobics which are used predominantly by middle-aged women and only a handful at a time during the week, you'll still find the self-same middle-aged women who treat the pool has some kind of place to natter and go about two-strokes a minute.

I think it's about time we had swimming sessions for those who want to actually, well, swim.

Regarding the BNP-supporting ballerina, so what? Until she stops a performance and starts soliciting votes, who cares!

Newsflash: NHS director receives quarter of a million pay-out for 3 weeks work. Nice.

1:59 AM  
Blogger sky_dog said...

Anon:'Do employers need to be informed that you could be a card carry member, or do they have ways of finding out?'

Both. To believe that the govt. do not have access to every political parties list of members would be naive in the extreme. Then there's the Junior Spies League...

As someone said on another forum:

'!984' is meant to be taken as a warning, not a bleeding instruction manual!

7:58 AM  
Anonymous The Other Half said...

This continuous talk of Black this and Black that, can someone please explain (in very simple words) why there can be organisations for Black police officers, lawyers etc. but if someone was to set up such a outfit titled "WHITE" whatever, they would be hounded by the Race Equality people.
Or is it simply that we are outcasts in our own country?
Perhaps I am missing something in the translation?

8:35 AM  
Anonymous forester said...

Joe has it spot on.
The most worrying subject for most people at the moment is immigration - and no major party can do a damn thing about it because for one thing, the EU rules and human rights law would forbid it.
So what we need is to get out of the EU and chuck away the human rights act, then maybe a firm line could be taken.
The only party who could contemplate having that in their manifesto is.... the BNP!
Frightening as that is.

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Black Dog said...

Tony Parkes:

The issues you'll read about in this very thread are resentments created by not just NuLabour, but by the Thatcher and Major governments, too.

Political Correctness abounded well before Nulabour.

Blair's immoral and illegal attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, and the subsequent scaremongering about "Pakis with exploding luggage" have created a very real "them vs us" mindset. Coupled with a very selective fear of immigration (i.e black or brown, no, we don't want you: Polish plumbers, everyone wants to employ one: whilst I suspect that a sudden influx of blonde and Beautiful Scandinavian women wouldn't get any complaints at all), and intentional cheapening of the labour market that ensues, then we live in an era of hysteria.

Add to the equation 20+ years of all this namby-pamby "emotional" thinking and new found English nationalism, and it's no wonder that so many fall for the Nazi-like "appeal to emotions" bait of the BNP.

I suggest this: kick out the "foreigners" and "un-british". Fine. Get rid of political correctness (which I am deeply in favour of). Great. But what do we do about our own plentiful supply of homegrown scum? What do we do about the deeply hypocritical mindset of the British? About constantly apeing the USA on every matter, from war to education? When that country is plainly a failure when it comes to education, crime and responsible economics.

The BNP don't have any answers to this, anymore than Nulabour or the Tories etc have. Pretending that getting rid of non-white Brits would cure all our ills is pure fantasy.

And just where would I get a decent Vindaloo from?

1:28 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

But what do we do about our own plentiful supply of homegrown scum?

I'd gladly accept one hard-working black worker, if you'll take a family of scrounging chav's who think nothing of drinking White Lightning at lunchtime. Or so several do on the estate near to where I live.

1:41 AM  
Blogger sky_dog said...

tony parkes:How exactly do you think 'nu-labour' have driven ordinary working class workers into the arms of the BNP?

This might give you some inkling tony:

Friday, 12th January 2007
Ballet fury
Democracy within 'Britain' is currently only afforded to those that either support or deny the problems of immigration. Given the huge proportion of foreigners within Britain that are not contributing to the system, it is of no surprise that there is such opposition to the BNP. I am furious that a ballerina has been targeted by these anti fascist groups; and furthermore whilst I have not yet joined the BNP it is likely that I will.

I am a mature student in the final year of my politics degree. As yet I am undecided about my career path, though I have considered teaching. Certainly, it is likely that i will be unable to combine my anger at the mess Britain has become with my desire to teach Politics. Consequently, within the classroom I will be qualified to teach my chosen subject. Outside of the classroom however, it would seem I must behave in denial, ( I have failed to consider the language barrier however, so it is likely that I will be unable to find a school that houses any English kids anyway).

I am unfortunate enough to live in Barking, as such I have witnessed a huge decline in the area over the years. In particular there seems to be an ever-increasing debris of chicken boxes, strewn about with gay abandon. Barking is a ghetto. Africans roam the streets at night, and by day whilst they are sleeping I assume, the Albanian’s come out to play. I meet elderly people on a daily basis that are distraught. They are too old to move on, and
crime is rife within the borough.

I despise the country I live in, and i despise the hypocrisy that is the current government. Nothing i fear can be done to remove these immigrants, illegal or otherwise! However, a ready supply of Niqabs may at least get rid of the criminal element given our lax border controls!

Penelope Eastman,

7:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Racism is a biased term intentionally weighted in favour of the immigrants, jewish in this case, who invented the concept. People who hate dogs don't hate dogs because they are dogs they hate dogs because they smell, bark all day or shit on the pavement. The term racism puts the blame on the victim. If I went to live in an igloo and offended all the eskimos would that be *their* problem? I don't think so.

6:06 PM  
Anonymous Black Dog said...

"Racism" is one of them actually quite vague terms. Like "the general public" or "everybody knows" or "they say".

And more often than not, there's actual racism committed against the "victim" by the "non-racist". Notice how every time there's some Asian disturbance or whatever, the media refer to "Community Leaders"? Who the hell are OUR "Community Leaders"? The local vicar/Catholic priest? The local councilor? The local MP? None of them speaks for me, and I suspect that the local Iman or whatever doesn't represent the average Asian, either.

"Racism" a Jewish invention? I guess the skewed version we have now may well have it's roots in mainly Jewish writings about the Holocaust and Nazism generally. Certainly, the Nazis were decried (rightfully, in my opinion) for valuing human life according to race, and yet when asked to explain why just 1 % of the German population should have come to dominate finance, the arts, medicine, education, the media, law etc, these writers explain that such dominance was characteristic of the innate genius of the Jewish race.

This after claiming that (a) people cannot and should not be defined by race and (b) Jews are not a race, they are a religion.

Certainly, this ambiguity still exists- probably more so. I notice that the Guardian is howling for this Nazi ballerina to be sacked, because the ENB has to show that it takes racial integration and equality seriously. Apparently, this is a more serious matter than the woman's freedom to say what she wants, and associate with whatever political party she wants.

Anyone with an old fashioned "O" level in history will remember the Tolpuddle Martyrs. They and their ilk were told that they could not unionise or even to opt to withdraw their labour. The above attitude by the Guardian and Nulabour is akin to this infringement of basic liberties. Or, indeed, the Nazi banning of any other party than themselves, or even to hold an opinion counter to Nazi dogma.

What will such fundamental erosion of basic rights do? Drive more and more people, who are alienated enough, into the arms of far right parties, who- learn from the Nazis and Mussolini's fascists- will soon start making noises about "cowardice" and "lack of resolve".

For my own part, I am in no way a racist. To me, to judge someone on their race, religion or colour is abhorrent. BUT, it must be understood that Britain's indigenous population is white, Indo-European and of the Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic persuasion. Most of them are Christian or non-religious. The laws and customs of this country are therefore made by these people, and them laws and principles deserve as much respect and protection as, for example, the Native Amazonian Indian cultures do against the onslaught of western ideas. Where an alien custom runs counter to "native" British customs, it is the non-native that should come second, just as it should when not in Britain. Aliens from any nation must accept that British customs are the norm here, but to be honest, it's not really the immigrants and descendants of immigrants that do the moaning, it's the idiots who are obsessed with the fallacy that "equal" means "the same".

Political Correctness was an inevitable consequence of misery gutted vociferous feminism. Equally as intolerant whilst preaching tolerance, broadmindedness and equality, it is in fact about dismissing all that came before it in favour of some hideous Utopia, where the ever more demanding "minorities" or underdogs are in a position to gain ascendancy over the majority. Just as women moaned about the "glass ceiling" etc (and didn't realise that such a thing exists for men, too), yet managed to forget that women have a lot of privileges, too, so the namby-pambys get offended on behalf of those they pretend to represent. Often, the subject of their pity was just fine and pragmatic about things until the Guardianistas got involved.

Much as I personally dislike it, this ballerina has every right to join any party she wants.

Anything less is the kind of fascism the Guardian readers pretend to hate.

I'd never vote BNP, because it's my personal belief that Britain's problems don't stem whatsoever from immigrants or non-British culture. But it's almost as if Nulabour are recruiting agents for the BNP.

The only good that may come of widespread support for the BNP may be that once again consensus politics may re-appear and for the bastards to actually start listening to the majority.

2:32 PM  
Blogger oldghit said...

At one time in my life, I was a card carrying member of the SNP.

I grew up.

Nowadays I am one of the famed "floating voter" population.

I find it amusing when Mr Politician or one of his tribe, turns up at my front door and asks if they can count on my support, as i always answer with "I shall be voting SNP, mate".

They go off looking bemused, perhaps because I live in Yorkshire.

No, I won't be voting BNP at any time, but they are doing a fair job of frightening Nulab and CornyCees.

Oh, and keep up the good work, Barry.

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe the ignorance that surrounds the aims of the BNP maybe you should all read their manifesto before spouting such nonsense.

12:06 AM  
Anonymous Marti Webster said...

Just read the manifesto.

So it WAS the Jew's fault Germany was defeated in WWII.

Apparently the Nazi war effort was so dissipated by the Wermacht having to haul round trainloads of mewling jews that they had little time left to engage and defeat the Allies.

BNP first priority - kick out the Jews.

By bus!

1:06 AM  
Blogger sky_dog said...

I think you'll find that the BNP have at long last discovered that 'the Jews' are not the real problem that confronts our way of life and have altered tack accordingly.Unless of course it's a neo-Irgun sect that's bombing buses and tubes and trying down aircraft.......

5:49 AM  
Anonymous Ken Livinsin said...

I used to refuse to eat South African fruit as a matter of principle.

The principle being that probably some big black bastard had had his hands on it.

But I'm not racist see. This is a view is a from a "cultural" perspective.

10:25 PM  
Anonymous Black Dog said...

used to refuse to eat South African fruit as a matter of principle.

The principle being that probably some big black bastard had had his hands on it.
- Ken Livinsin

I assume that you know where eggs come from?

11:45 AM  

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